Local and Cloud Storage Backup Options

I can either setup your computer for a local backup to a USB Drive and/or set it up to backup directly to the cloud.

Complete Recovery from Local & External Drive

If you have a drive that was working and now is not we can recover your data in most cases.  If you hear a beeping noise or a clicking noise from the drive.  That’s not a good sign and will most likely require it to be sent to a lab.  Prices on that range anywhere from $500 to $1500.

Recovery Photo, Image, Video and Audio

Do you have an SD card that’s shows nothing is there?  We can get your pictures back for you.

Need file recovery?

This is one of the most common recoveries that we do.  Please be advised that not all data can be recovered.

Technical Support

I provide technical support via phone or remote software under Remote Tech Support.


Most repairs take a day or so depending on parts availability.


Setup and Installation normally take 2-4 hours depending on internet connection speed.  I normally get the computer systems to a point when I can run my remote software and save you money.

Personal Computer Service

Due to issues outside of my control I am unable to complete some laptop repairs but can complete all hardware desktop repairs and all software related repairs.

Router configuration

Did the installer just setup the modem and leave?  Do you need to make sure your connection is secure?  We can help.

Network cabling

Do you need a more stable connection?  I have solutions available to get you that connection.


This day and age being unsecured could not only lead to your computer being compromised it can lead to having to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in ransom to recover your precious memories.  I have solutions available via hardware and/or software to keep the bad guys out.

Networking services

With all of our network services we monitor your connection to make sure you’re able to enjoy your service.